Friday, March 20, 2009

Here I am at 3 am, and I can't sleep.  Connor woke up at 1:50, so I fed him and he's been asleep ever since.  I talked to the pediatrician about this and she said if I can't sleep to get up and do something boring until I feel sleepy again.  What if I'm up all night?  I don't feel tired AT ALL!  I wish I knew what made me tired so I could do it.

Joe and I decided that since Connor turned 8 weeks on Sunday and I was on Spring break, this would be the week that he learns to sleep through the night.  The first two nights he cried on and off for 2 hours.  Last night (the 4th night) it was only 40 minutes and tonight it was about 10 minutes!  I think my body may just be waiting for the two hour stint again.  

I got my hair cut really short today.  The girl kept asking me if I was doing ok every time she made a cut, and I finally told her that I was not one of those girls that cried about hair.  She relaxed after that!  I would post a picture, but our camera is currently broken, which is breaking my heart where Connor is concerned.  

Lord, help to sleep better as Connor learns to sleep better.  Thanks for a husband who is willing to help out and thanks for wonderful friends and family who help take care of our wants and needs.  As Joe and I continue to learn about finances, help us to make better decisions with our money so that we can give like you want us to.  Help me to be a better housekeeper, mother, and wife.  Amen.