Monday, July 14, 2008

Weak Stomachs...Beware

Current symptoms: constipation that leads to hard poop (what do they call this?), gas, frequent urination, fatigue, constant hunger, and yes - I still have nausea and vomiting.  Oh, and who can forget the vivid (and awful) dreams I've been having!

Today was the first day of my National Board class.  It was LONG!  And morning traffic is a nightmare!  I was there from 8 to 5.  Luckily they give lots of breaks and food.  Unfortunately, my butt hurt so bad it didn't get enough breaks!  And for some reason they didn't give the pregnant lady a nap - how rude!  The drive home was treacherous, too, because I had to go potty and the stupid train track road blocks lowered and stayed down so long that a policeman had to come direct traffic around them!  Geesh.

Lord, I pray that tomorrow would be even better than today.  Give me the energy and well-being to do what I need to do.  Be with those I love and give me peaceful sleep tonight.  And help my poop to soften so it doesn't hurt.  Amen.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Bad Day

Four days of no sickness and then BAM!  Yesterday I couldn't seem to hold much down.  I was so mad!  However, I am trusting that it was a one day fluke due to the sweets and fruit I had been eating.

Last night was great, even though I wasn't feeling my greatest.  Joe and I went to the 6:30 service and then out to eat with about half our life group.  It was fantastic!

Here's the funny part now.  Joe woke up this morning and said he was mad at me because in his dream I had been screwing around with a young baseball player.  I started laughing because in my dream I had been sleeping with Will Ferrell (gross me out!).  I just thought it was so funny that we both dreamed about me cheating.  I guess I better watch myself. ;)

Well, for now it is off to the Garden to hang out with some one year olds.  Wish me luck!

Lord, thanks for four days of health.  I ask that my health continue to improve so I can function in my classes the rest of this month.  Help me to get done the things I need in order to prepare for school and baby.  Thanks for my wonderful friends who hung out with me last night and who are willing to do life with Joe and me.  You are so wonderful!  Amen

Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Night!

So I had the best dream ever last night!  You see, Wednesday I went shopping for some maternity pants.  Well, in my dream all I remember is Joe saying to me, "baby, go out and spend as much as you want - as long as you get what you need to wear during your pregnancy."  Then I woke up. :)

So last night 8 of my cheerleaders came over and we watched How She Move.  I think it was terrible because we all lost interest less than halfway through and just ended up talking.  Then we went out to the park by my house and had a cheer photo shoot - with my super amazing photo skills (ha!).  It was a good time.  I actually kind of like having a smaller squad because I can keep track of everybody and get to know them more and I feel more comfortable doing things for them, such as letting them over to my home.

Thanks to Sara G. for helping me get my house ready for the girls!  I can't wait for you to move in!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's A Girl!

It's a girl...for my friend Ali.  I went with her to an ultrasound this afternoon and we couldn't find any dangly bits, so a girl it is!  

I've had quite the exciting day today.  First, lunch with Ali.  Then we went shopping and I bought 3 maternity bottoms.  And then, of course, was her ultrasound.  When I got home, I found Joe freaking out because I had left my phone at the house and he hadn't been able to get in touch with me for about 3 hours.  He was not happy.  I also found out the exterminator had to cancel (again) due to the rain.  I am so tired of seeing ants in my bedroom and bathroom.  On the other hand, I get another reprieve from having to clean!  

Tonight is SYTYCD and I am so stoked about it!  Twitchington has still got to be one of my favorite couples at the moment.  I think the top 8 will be:
1. Twitch
2. Kherington
3. Katee
4. Joshua
5. Will
6. Chelsie H.
7. Mark
8. Courtney

I guess we'll have to wait and see if I am correct.  Not to be gross, but so far no puking today!  Slight nausea, but I can handle that.

Lord, thanks for a day without puking (so far) and thanks for another break in cleaning.  Help me to be well for the rest of this week and help me to enjoy my pregnancy since it is a beautiful gift from you.  Be with each and every one of my friends this week and love on them.  Amen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Late Night Update

I can't sleep, so here we go again.  All day I've been hungry.  And bored.  Tired, but not sleepy.  I am starting to feel the pressure of carrying this life inside me.  I ate an egg today that I cooked for a long time, but was still runny...did I damage my child?  I sleep on my back all the I suffocating my child.  Oh, and oops - when is the last time I took my prenatals?  I can't remember.  Officially no puking today, but still felt blah.

On a positive note, I went and toured St. Francis South.  I think I like it better than regular St. Francis.  Also starting to stress about names.  Not because I think I need to, but because lately I am totally irrational.  I asked Joe to go get tatoos for goodness sake!

I found a website that made me feel better.  Check it out...,,1609279,00.html

Another Day...

I am praying and believing that since today marks the end of my 12th week, I will be well!  Yesterday I did ok until about 2:30, but that was also after I sat in a nail salon and drank a syrupy drink.  I am hoping today goes much better.  Praise the Lord for the end of a trimester!  Now I am waiting for that great burst of energy everyone keeps telling me about so that I can get my house all cleaned up!

Yesterday I went and looked at an apartment with my friend Sara.  I was really excited because it is even closer to our house and seems to be very well priced and NICE!  I hope she decides to move there!

I'm also excited because Michele's little girl Kari Lynne will be here in just a couple of weeks!  Yay!  

Lord, thanks so much for wonderful friends and family who take care of me and help me when I need it.  I ask that you be with those I love and keep them safe today.  Be with my baby and my stomach so that I can be a healthy mama! Amen.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Crazier by the Day

My thoughts and dreams are getting crazier.  Last night I lived in a trailer with my mom, was pregnant, my sister was torturing me, our dryer broke, and the repair man raped me.  CREEPY!  I asked friends and family for pediatrician and photographer recommendations last night.  I've gotten a few so far, so one more thing for me to be thinking about.

Sara's boyfriend David stayed at our house this weekend.  He's such a nice guy!  I'm really happy for my favorite gal!  And Sara is so super cool (there's your mention!).

I keep thinking of all these great things to blog, but then forget about them if I don't update everyday.  So, for today we will be short until I remember all my stuff.

Lord, please let this be my week to have a sudden more sickness!  Thanks for you amazingness and love! Amen

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another day...

I went back to being sick today.  BOO!!!!  I also toured St. Francis.  I have to say that I liked everything that was available, but the rooms seemed so old fashioned.  After seeing Stillwater completely remodel their maternity ward, it was kind of a let down.

Well, now I am watching SYTYCD.  So far Chelsea and Mark are the only ones who have impressed me in the slightest.  And who will Deanna pick for the final rose?  I hope so much that it is Jason.