Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Day!

Wednesday I had to go to another middle school during the morning for a training. It was a great training and I learned a lot, but then it made Thursday seem like a very long day in the classroom. And then today the kiddos were sooooo hyper due to the beautiful weather. Needless to day, I am wiped...but I'm not complaining about it because I have the amazing weekend to recoup!

Tonight Joe and I are having dinner with the newest couple in our life group. We are really excited to get to know them. Plus we get to eat really yummy food!

I really have nothing important to report this week. Connor told me no yesterday and the way he did it was so stinking cute I didn't even get him in trouble! I just told him he couldn't watch Barney until he said please, which was why he was telling me no in the first place. For some reason the word please was poison yesterday.

Addi came over last night and begged to get in the tub when I was giving C a bath, so in she went. They had a great time splashing each other. Joe and I have gotten a little more relaxed on Connor's bed time for special circumstances, and Addi is definitely one of them! He stayed up and they wore Joe and I out from 6:45-8:45!

Lord, thank you for orchestrating a day of rest! You know we need it, and I want to live wisely just like you! Thanks for giving me motivation to be productive this weekend and help me to be the mom and wife you have called me to be! Amen.

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