Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3

So I've been dealing with a horrible pain in my shoulder since last night and I have been suffering from stomach aches since I started this fast. Not sure if it is a good ache due to detoxing or weight loss or a bad ache because I'm not eating very well or something.

Today's breakfast was a banana, an apple, a small carton of orange juice, and a glass of grape juice. Lunch was leftover Chunky Potato Soup and leftover Greek salad. Yum-o! I think I have found two new things I may keep in my list of dinner ideas. Dinner tonight was going to be a bean and rice casserole, but when I looked at the recipe it looked totally unappetizing. So instead, we had baked potatoes with garlic salt and black beans. Not too shabby!

Cleaning has not done well today due to the facts that my shoulder is hurting and my parents stopped by on their way home and dropped off a bunch of Christmas presents. Connor got a new tent and some other fun stuff.

Lord, help me to not lose steam and help me to drink enough water to keep my body healthy. I lift my parents up to you and ask that you be with them as they finish their travels and help Joe and I to continue to lift you up as we do this fast. Amen.

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