Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5

Food update: Breakfast, yet another smoothie. Peanut butter and an apple for a snack. Lunch was leftover corn and potato chowder and a clementine. Now for dinner I am in the process of making bean and rice casserole. It kind of reminds me of a vegetarian version of Western Casserole from Homemade Gourmet. I think if I ever make this again I will use the HG recipe and just omit the rice. The stuff simmering on my stove is not screaming out to "eat me."

So Connor woke up at 5:30 this morning. We tried putting him to bed later last night to see if he just needs a little bit less sleep, but no, he woke up extra early. Not sure if it is because we are back in the school routine or what. Joe and I were not happy campers today. That also makes it very difficult to do our morning time with God. But, we managed to get it done and get out the door on time.

I posted on Day 1 that since I will be finishing my Master's this May I was praying about whether or not to apply for different jobs or to just keep my job and take the pay raise. Well, today I decided to apply for a job that has caught my attention for the last couple of weeks. Not to be a negative Nancy, but I do not think I will get the position because they need someone right away and I would not be available until the end of school. But, it was a step towards my goals and even though I have some anxiety about the probably rejection. I am proud of myself for the first application!

Lord, whatever your will is for me in the next few months, I ask that you would guide my steps. You know what would be the best choice for me and my family, so I ask that you show me the direction. Be with Connor and help him to sleep in to a reasonable hour. Allow Joe and I to have the time that we desire with you. Amen.

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