Thursday, January 20, 2011

Early Ending

Joe and I prayerfully decided to end our fast on Tuesday. It was Connor's birthday and we promised to take him out for pizza before we decided to do the fast. The first week of it, I thought I would be strong enough to let him eat pizza while I ate a salad, but by Sunday of this week, we knew that wasn't going to happen. We thanked God for answering our prayers in just two short weeks and asked Him to help us continue our time with Him every morning and to still pray earnestly for the things on our hearts.

Can I just say that I LOVED my husband initiating prayer with me! That was amazing! We also decided that just because we were not doing the Daniel Fast any longer, did not mean we would delve back in to our old ways of eating. I am trying very hard to still plan healthier meals for dinner, as well as be careful what I take with me for breakfast and lunch every day.

I also fell down in other areas this week. It was just an unusual week for us. Monday Joe had a basketball game and did not get home until about 10, so I was up much later than should be. Then on Tuesday was Connor's birthday and we watched a friend's little girl, so I didn't get much house cleaning done and I worked on my homework later than usual, so once again, I stayed up later than I should have. And then of course last night, Wednesday, my paper was due by midnight so I was up until 10 finishing it. It was not the greatest paper I have ever written, but I did the best I could under exhaustion.

Since God blessed me with a snow day today, I am going to take advantage of the time off. I have already done a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and picked up a little around the house and it isn't even 8 am yet! I want to make sure I exercise today as well. Now that I am not fasting, I am planning to exercise 4 days a week. This area I will need much prayer and accountability in - I love exercising once I get started, but getting myself started always seems to be very difficult for me. I also plan on taking a nap when Connor does to try and catch up on my sleep - since he decided to wake up at 5 am yet again.

Lord, help me to keep my motivation up today so that I can accomplish all of the goals set before me. I also lift up those I know who may not have enough heat on this very cold snow day - especially my students. Send someone to provide for them whatever they are lacking. Amen.

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