Monday, January 3, 2011

Daniel Fast Day 1

Day one isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I've been told it gets worse! For breakfast I had a smoothie with frozen berries, banana, and soy milk. It was yummy, but I was hungry by first hour! All day I snacked on celery and peanut butter, an apple, an green beans. Luckily, my school serves 100% orange juice, so I had one of those as well.

On my way to pick Connor up from church I stopped at El Chico and got a pint of salsa to go with our blue corn chips. THAT is yummy! Dinner was Chunky Potato Soup. Not the best soup I've ever had (missing that yummy cream that is found in baked potato soup), but with some salt it was filling. Now I am munching on raw mini peppers to try and fill my sweet tooth. It's not really working, but at least I'm not hungry.

Two things I want to improve on tomorrow are drinking more water and getting rid of all temptation from the house! Question to any mama's who read this - how do you keep your kids filled up? I don't want to keep temptation in the house, but I don't want my almost two year old to suffer!

I haven't done my cleaning for the day, but hey, its only 8! I'm getting off this computer to do that now! Lord, help me to not be inconsistent or apathetic this year, but truly get to know who you are and what you have in store for my life. I love you and want to be more like you. Amen!

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