Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow - a second post!

I decided to post for a second time today because God really spoke to Joe and I at church tonight. The message was about firsts. Giving up the first part of your day to spend time with Him. So, that means I have to get up at the first alarm! I'm going to start a Bible plan (Daniel fast first, then who knows!) and pray. Giving up the first part of your week worshipping God with other believers - we already do that on a regular basis. Giving up the first of your income each month to give to God what is already His - again, we already do that. And finally, giving up the first of your year in a fast to gain spiritual insight and to pray for something you believe strongly in. I saw on another blog that the person prayed each day for something different. I don't think I'm going to do that, but I do have some things weighing on my heart, mostly the salvation of people that I care about.

Lord, help me to give you the first of my year and be faithful in the fast you have called me to and help me to be faithful in giving you the first of my day. In order to do this, I will have to be more disciplined in my evenings so I can go to bed and get enough rest, but you are worth it to me! Love you Lord, amen!

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NHP said...

Yes- you go girl. There are several scriptures about giving ourselves to Him in the morning. I love all those, it helps me stay focused on getting up early to spend time with the Lord.
It will be a beautiful year!