Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Day is it?

Ok, so the fast officially got hard today because the meals I chose did not pan out. When that used to happen, we would just order a pizza or run up to Wendy's or eat some junk. Now we can't do that and it is difficult! Breakfast was oatmeal with apple, cinnamon, and raisins. It was NASTY! Oatmeal definitely needs sugar to be tasty. Then, I did not plan anything for lunch, so we just kind of scrounged around and snacked on fruit, chips, and salsa. Dinner was supposed to be a yummy vegetarian chili, but I truly suck at making chili. I've now tried 3 or 4 different recipes and I just am not good at it! So now Joe is frying up some potatoes.

Only 6 days in to the fast and I can already tell how much I am changing. I am much more aware of God throughout my days and I feel truly humbled by God and His Word. Every time I read a scripture it shows me how I still do not live up to him and I never will, which makes me a million times more grateful that I know Christ and He CHOSE to redeem me. What an amazing gift! Who am I that He would do that for me? Like I said, it is very humbling.

This morning I read two Bible chapters that both basically said the same thing (which added to my spiritual humbling). In Isaiah 58 God pointed out that fasting is pointless if I am not feeding the hungry, loving His people, freeing the oppressed, and helping my relatives. Then, in John 13 Jesus washed his disciples' feet and told them to go out and serve others as he has served them. It boggles my mind to think that the Son of God washed the feet of the one He KNEW would betray him, but it was okay because it was all for God's glory! And it sent a message that serving is the true way to follow Christ's example. Church tonight reinforced that message. WE are the church and we are here to reach people for Christ. I don't know what Pastor Craig has been up to, but God's obviously been involved because his sermons and the worship at church have moved me to tears almost every weekend for the last several months. God is good and something good is in store for this year!

In other news, I managed to "declutter" my bedroom and we took a big load of stuff to the Salvation Army. Joe was kind enough to pick up the living room and vacuum it for me. I also picked up my bedroom last night. I am going to give myself props for doing stuff and not being a lazy bum, but in all honesty, I am avoiding the kitchen. Dishes are up to date, but the rest of the kitchen is a hot mess!

Lord, help me to find the motivation to clean my kitchen and to finish up my degree by May. You know what is in my future, you know what Joe and I praying about, and we trust you to take us where we need to go. God, you also know my heart's desire for this weekend, so I put that in your hands, too. Amen!

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