Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Has Sunk In

I have figured out now why the Daniel Fast is such a struggle. After 9 days, I am very bored of the same foods over and over and it is a struggle every time I am offered a cookie, or punch, or fast food. Even just watching someone sprinkle cheese on a taco is difficult! So today's breakfast was a homemade granola bar and some grape juice. I'm ready for more smoothies, but the bananas we bought were pretty green and we have been waiting for them to turn yellow aka ripen. The apple I brought for snack yesterday ended up being very bruised and gross looking, so it got tossed in the trash. Even more boring for my day was lunch - leftover bean and rice casserole...again. Dinner was actually one of my favorites tonight. I made stir fry. It had cabbage, zucchini, carrots, and onion cooked in some olive oil and then heated with a little bit of soy sauce. Soy sauce is controversial on this fast, but the stir fry definitely needed some moisture so I don't feel bad about it. Especially since I passed on the free cookies at school tonight!

Once again, I am extremely exhausted tonight and it is only Tuesday. I'm very worried that teaching is just not conducive to ever having any energy except on long breaks. I'm sitting here, after working until 7:30, debating whether to go to bed early again tonight or to get my butt up and do some house work. I know what Joe's vote would be, but I also know if I got up to clean exactly who's butt would still be on the couch! Connor is also still up, for some reason not wanting to go to bed tonight.

Tomorrow night should be both exciting and stressful. I have my meeting with the reunion planning committee for our very first reunion, along with my project that is due this week for my Master's. And, I have an afternoon free from students! I have to go to a training for a program we are doing at school.

Lord, once again, give me the energy I need to get through this busy, tiring season. Help Connor get the rest he needs and help Joe and I work together to get our house in order. Amen!

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