Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4 is Done!

Food recap: smoothie and a glass of grape juice for breakfast. Blue corn chips and salsa for a snack. Leftover Greek salad and black beans for lunch. Dinner was potato corn chowder. Now, what I made can't compare to the corn chowder from Copeland's, but it is the first dinner I have made this week that Joe actually ate! I think when this fast is over I will look up a little bit more "normal" corn chowder and add it to my list of dinner ideas.

So today I emailed my current professor to ask for a list of potential careers/jobs that my degree makes me eligible for so that I can decide if there is something out there I would like to apply for. Step one in my career goals is completed!

So my bestie's mom told me about a website called It gives you a list of things to clean every day to keep up with your housework. I had been doing really well with it until last night. After only 3 and 4 days of teaching I am so wiped I don't even want to think about getting off my butt to clean. So different from being home all day with nothing really better to do and having all the energy I need to focus on being a "housewife." I definitely need prayers for more energy and a "get-er done" attitude towards housework.

As far as health, I have lost one pound already this month, but not sure if I am counting it or not because of this fast. Once the fast is over I may (hopefully not) gain it back. I've been having my quiet time every morning so far and God has been showing me some pretty great things. It's amazing how the same verse can have such a different impact simply because you are older, wiser, and in a totally different place in life than the last time you read it.

Lord, I ask that you answer my heart's desire. You know what is in my heart and I know that You alone can answer my prayer. Truly be with me as I teach/discipline Connor through this new stage that he is in. Help me to remember that he is just a little boy and needs love through all of his bad choices. :) Give me the energy I need to be the wife and mother I am called to be. Thank you for the success I have seen so far, and the success that is to come in the year ahead. Amen.

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