Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Me!

Joe and I just got done updating our annual Coakley Family Plan and our Life Group is going through the Chazown book next, so I hope this year has some exciting things in store for us! I read on facebook that last year a girl blogged all of her goals and updated every time she met them, so I thought I would do that as well.

In the area of finances, Joe and I would like to begin saving up for a car. We don't have a lot of wiggle room in our budget at the moment, so we decided on $20 a month until we pay something off and can raise that higher. Now, I would actually like to down size in another area in order to save more, but am having a hard time choosing something to give up. Yikes! Prayers in that area would be nice.

Career - since I am going to finish my Master's degree in May, I feel like I need to seriously pray over what God would have me do with that in the coming school year. Should I just take the pay raise or should I be looking at moving into a different position?

Connor - Our main goal for Connor is to read a Bible story and pray with him on a daily basis. Joe and I also plan to pray for A LOT of patience as we enter the "terrible twos." Connor has already changed so much in the last month that I know we will need every single prayer!

Personal - my personal goal is one that I have struggled with my entire life, and that is too keep my house clean enough that if someone randomly dropped by I would not be embarrassed at our living condition. Anyone who knows me well knows that will be probably my biggest struggle this year!

Health - Health goal this year is to drop 2 pounds per month until I am at my goal weight of 120 pounds. Any accountability with my diet and exercise is most appreciated!

Spiritually - Joe and I are going to participate in the Daniel Fast January 3-24 this year, along with many others in the church for spiritual insight. We are very nervous about it, as it completely changes the way we eat. However, we are hoping that the change will cause us to seek God instead of food for comfort and draw closer to Him as a result.

Marriage - In our marriage, we want to use our time wisely and participate in Great Dates, provided by our church. We trust that our church will bring up the topics that we need to address in our marriage and that we will connect over our time together!

Lord, I have made my goals public with the hopes that you and all others will help me to achieve them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to receive a new start each and every year and thank you for loving us enough to make us in to new creations. We love you and ask that you be a part of our family each and every day so that Connor will know who you are in the way he sees his mommy and daddy live. Amen.

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