Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Quit...Complaining

So the message at church tonight was God pointing out yet another log in my eye - not that I didn't already know about this log. Sometime during college I turned in to a complainer, but it got really bad after I started teaching. So, my goal now is to adjust my heart to line up with God's so that I may rejoice in Him. I must remind myself that I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food in my belly, a car that works, a husband who loves me, a son who is healthy, and friends and family that care about me. I am actually beyond blessed. Now to remember that when an eleven year old is disrespecting me...

I posted the other day that I was supposed to begin exercising. Yeah, I was supposed to do it Tuesday (didn't because it was Connor's birthday), was supposed to do it Thursday (didn't because I had a headache), and I was supposed to do it today (didn't because I was a lazy bum!). Like I said before, this is an area where I heavily need motivation and accountability. I'm really excited that Joe joined a basketball league, but I guess now I need to find a dance class of some sort that I can be held accountable to attending. My worst problem is that the thought of adding yet one more thing to my plate feels very overwhelming to me, so I talk myself out of it. I really want to just work out at home, but that is where I lack accountability and motivation. *sigh

Lord, help me to rejoice in my 2 year old instead of complaining about his curiosity and adventurous nature. Give me the motivation I need to exercise. And most of all, give me the passion to seek Your face instead of Your hand so that I may become more like Christ. Amen!

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